Our Mission

Scout for
New Technologies

We actively scout for new technologies in various areas. We specialise in:

  • Materials science
  • Medical devices
  • Horticulture
  • Biotechnology

Scout for

We are always looking for people with that unique mix of entrepreneurial spirit, mentality to make anything happen and who truely want to make a difference. People are a company's greatest asset.

Intellectual Property

IP plays an important role in  taking innovative technology to the market. The effective use of IP plays a key role in strengthening a company's position and reaching their true business potential.

Develop Businesses
& Technologies

A great idea is the seed of a good business, but it can only grow to its full potential if it is cultivated properly. Growing a new business is tough, but fortunately there are tools and experienced entrepreneurs to help you along the way. 

About us

We bridge the gap between promising high-tech ideas/products and the financing required for market entree. Together with scientists we guide early stage technologies to proof of concept, file IP, and make them ready for further and larger investments.

We act as a kind of “incubator” where not only we create new businesses and companies but also educate scientists to become more entrepreneurial and to understand the business environment. In this way we are developing a portfolio of new high-tech companies.

Latest news

NovioPonics and Dosers sign collaboration
NovioPonics and Dosers are now working together to redefine the sustainability of crop protection. The collaboration between both parties focuses...
Essity acquires NovioScan
Hygiene and health company Essity is strengthening its offering in incontinence products through the acquisition of the Dutch company Novioscan. The c...
Eef Lamers joins the NovioCap team
Eef has just finished his Master Physics and Astronomy at the Radboud University and is persuing his dream of bringing innovative technologies to the ...
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Our current portfolio

Cartesian Optics
Developing lenses with superior image quality.
Providing greatly improved sustainability in plant growth and crop protection with APonics gel and nano materials network.
Bringing technological and medical innovations to the market.

Our divested portfolio

Wearable 24/7 bladder monitor technology.
Divested in: April 2020
Development of non- invasive, wireless and (semi-) continuous glucose sensor.
Divested in: 2020
Contract Research in synthesis of small molecules.
Divested in: July 2018
Echogenic coating that can be used to make your device more visible in a patient under ultrasound.
Divested in: July 2016
NovioGendix is at the forefront of a new generation of molecular diagnostic tests for cancers in urology.
Divested in: August 2015
Performing contract research and analysis services to support the Pharma, Food, Chemical & Polymer industries.
Divested in: September 2014


NovioCap B.V.
Transistorweg 7
6534 AT Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31651369901 / +31622548522
E-mail: info@noviocap.com

We are located in the city of Nijmegen (a long time ago called Novio Magum, in Latin, during the Roman Empire), in the east of the Netherlands, near Germany.

We are easily accessible by rail from Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Düsseldorf airports and by road from A15 and A50 in the Netherlands and the A73 from the south and the German North Rhine-Westphalia.